A renewed focus on downtown residential towers

It’s great to see a renewed focus on residential towers in downtown Edmonton. A hole is being dug for the new 32 story Ultima Condominiums at 10238 – 103 Street and the developer Westrich Pacific is also contemplating a second condominium downtown called the Encore. As well Langham Developments, who built the Icon I and II, are planning two more condominium towers (Fox Towers) on the northwest corner of 104 Street and 102 Avenue. And just as Procura’s 237-suite Mayfair Village South begins renting out its units, the site is being prepared for the start of construction of phase II – Mayfair Village North.

Construction of the Ultima is just getting started, and construction of Mayfair Village South will begin shortly.

The City of Edmonton’s Capital City Downtown Plan focuses on increasing urban densification and envisions over 12,000 new residential units being added to the heart of the city over the next 35 years. The current residential population in downtown Edmonton is 12,200 (2012 census) so there is a potential that we could have over 40,000 people living downtown. The character and vitality of our downtown helps define us as a city. The addition of all these new residents to a downtown that already has 70,000 people working during the day makes for a more dynamic and vibrant downtown beyond just the normal 9 to 5.