Coalition Announces Support of Arena and Revitalization

The Downtown Vibrancy Coalition is hosting a news conference to announce a campaign of support for the proposed arena and associated downtown revitalization projects, to take place on:

Date: Monday, May 6, 2013
Time: 12:00 noon
Location: Art Gallery of Alberta, 2 Sir Winston Churchill Square (main lobby)

Launched by the Downtown Vibrancy Task Force (DVTF), the coalition is an emerging group of citizens, artists, community, and business leaders, who value downtown as the city’s cultural, social and economic hub. It ascribes to the motto: As goes your downtown, so goes your city.

Simon O’Byrne, chairperson of the DVTF, will host the press conference.

Membership in the Downtown Vibrancy Coalition is growing rapidly and already includes: The Downtown Edmonton Community League, University of Alberta, MacEwan University, Pixel Blue College, Edmonton Chamber of Commerce, Edmonton Economic Development Corporation, Credo Coffee, Blue Plate Diner, Startup Edmonton, Brian Webb Dance Company, and numerous companies and individuals.

The Downtown Vibrancy Task Force formed in 2010 after two hundred business and community leaders gathered at an economic forum and identified downtown revitalization as the city’s top priority.

Read the backgrounder here.

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  • johnqpublic

    Like many of you, I find it most disappointing that the Government of Alberta is lacking the long-term thinking neede to invest in such a critical piece of economic infrastructure. When we consider the $55 million request in the context of their $5 billion annual capital budget, the short-sightedness and political motivation is beyond comprehension. – Brad Ferguson, EEDC.

    Brad nailed it. The Alberta PC government is about to dig its own grave with their irrational choices. Incompetent is not too strong a word to describe their behaviour.

  • Cacheless

    There once was a city council lead by a certain mayor (1989-1995) who had the dubious honor of becoming labeled anti-business. As a result, Calgary has thriving downtown with billions in city taxes. Let us not repeat history